We are here; at POSEIDONS CAMERAMAN is a social-minded e-commerce Brand shop, our motto being to 'save marine life, one day at a time'. We bring to you, that is EXCLUSIVELY specialized in Diver and Marine life apparel.  We also raise awareness about issues affecting our oceans and run an online shop of products featuring many marine animals whose habitats are under attack. Check out our new exclusive collection of these animals and get to be a part of the Marine life community! Whether it's your Diver Buddy or your partner, check out our offers form our latest collections and you will find yourself a pair deal!


We have a life-long love of the sea and all the creatures that live in, on and near it. Our mission is to raise awareness for cleaner seas and help clean up India’s oceans, prevent the slaughter of their inhabitants and the destruction of their habitats.


Help us spread the awareness about them, try out our merch! We donate 15% of profits to save marine life! Together, we can make an impact, one day at a time.

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Our company is built on five core principles:

  1. Awareness about the Ocean 
  2. Excellent and Unique designs 
  3. Inspired from Indian art forms and Marine life  
  4. Made in India Products 
  5. Excellent customer service